Foods I Miss When I'm Away

Whenever I'm away from home for a while, I start to miss certain foods (assuming that I don't have them wherever I am). They are usually simple things, nothing you would ever get terribly excited about on a day-to-day basis, but for better or worse, they're what I want. Ironically, I encountered some of the things on my list for this trip, today, but since it was still 10 days until I saw them, I left them in. 

I would pay so many Euros for one of these right now. [ Source ]

I would pay so many Euros for one of these right now. [Source]

  • Salmon: On this trip, I have had lots of fresh fish, but there hasn't been much salmon (had delicious smoked salmon at lunch today!). I know salmon is one of the more ordinary fishes, but I just love it and usually eat a fair amount when I'm home.
  • Vegetables: have been readily available, but the veggies on offer are pretty much limited to tomatoes, peppers, fennel (does anyone like fennel/licorice? anyone? Bueller?), & zucchini. I want broccoli, beets, mushrooms (got these today!), artichoke, avocado (had an avocado sauce at dinner tonight!) basically anything but tomatoes and peppers. 
  • Peanut butter: I've always heard this is a "American Food." Whether or not that's true, I would like some pb on a bagel stat please & thank you.
  • Brownies/cookies: When it comes to desserts, I like dense and fudgy. Brownies are my weakness, my favorite, my ride or die. My mom did manage to find a chocolate muffin at breakfast one day but it was no brownie, but close. I also had a delicious dark chocolate mousse yesterday (sorry no photos), but again, not quite the same. I think eating a brownie may be one of the first things I do when I get home.

Do you have food cravings when you're away from home?